Product Review – BoxShot 3D

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If you ever design for any publication company, music producer, or any type of product for that matter, you will decide as a graphic designer to showcase your work in some way or another. You can show flat art work which is … Read More

A simple printing checklist

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print safe colors and cmyk values

Behind the scenes at the printer there are many operations that must take place in order for your job to be printed correctly. But there are also quite a few pitfalls that can be avoided by putting together a simple checklist for … Read More

Graphic design by definition – Concept

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I have briefly touched on the three parts of what makes strong graphic design possible. They are composition, components, and concept. In two previous articles I discussed composition and components in further detail, but another important element to successful design is the … Read More

Graphic design by definition – Components

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I have blogged about the definition for composition. Inside the definition I made mention of the arrangement of components. I would like to give the definition for components as well as resources I use for each. Basically it is the stuff, if … Read More

Direct Mail Marketing

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I was recently approached by a client about doing a small direct mail marketing campaign. The question was can we keep this project under budget? We discussed budget constraints and here is the solution that I was able to present to the … Read More

Graphic design by definition – Composition

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It seems really simple. With the availability of easy to use software and templates today just about anyone can produce some sort of “graphic design.” What separates someone who knows how to use graphic design software and someone who understands how to … Read More