Graphic Design principles in a book.

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Inside Design Basics Index by Jim Krause

One of my favorite books I use for reviewing and staying principled in this area of graphic design is the Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. I guess you could call it my Graphic Design hand book of sorts. Or you could even call it my Graphic Design Bible. Well, you get the idea. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a spark for their creativity, review proper design principles, or swat huge bugs off their desk. The cover is made of a rubber like material so it is a very durable book! This is a solid book with exercises to increase your abilities as a graphic designer. The keys in this book could help in other areas of design as well. You can purchase a copy from or you could visit Jim’s website.

Quick Question:
What is your favorite book for learning and staying sharp as a graphic designer? Let me know in the comments below.