Graphic design by definition – Concept

Robert LaneGraphic Design

I have briefly touched on the three parts of what makes strong graphic design possible. They are composition, components, and concept. In two previous articles I discussed composition and components in further detail, but another important element to successful design is the concept.

The concept as it pertains to graphic design is simply a notion. It is the connotation or message with which a piece is presented. Without a proper perspective on the targeted audience or intended message your concept could be wrong. Don’t get me wrong. Your ideas might be great, but if given the wrong application, it will be of no consequence. The concept is intangible at times, but necessary none the less. If composition, components, and concept are leveraged correctly the message will be clear.

Employing proper principles in these three areas of your design will create for you the designer a practical and versatile framework from which to operate. No matter the stage in your creative process, proper execution of composition, components, and concept working around the targeted audience will produce successful design.

Graphic design definition infographic