Three ideas for small business when you don’t know what to do

Robert LaneBusiness Tips, General

It seems like I am often asked how my business is doing. Among small business owners this is not a question that is completely out of context. And yet it also seems like at times that when other businesses owners struggle to find new contacts or reach new customers they want me to do the same. Well, I refuse! Here is a simple list of ideas that I use to encourage myself during a slow time.

Develop new products or improve existing products.

I never what to get to a point in my business where I do not see a need to improve my product offerings. If I am manufacturing a quality product it will just be a matter of time before the clients are coming to me because they want what I have to offer. This is especially tricky if you are in a service based industry like myself. So this brings me to my next point.

Read books about my craft.

Learning a better way to deliver my portfolio or developing my skills in using the software that is available is critical for me. When you are right in the thick of things and you are trying to get work completed, you don’t really work on your craft as much. At least I don’t. I am just concentrating on servicing the customer. During slow times is when there is greater opportunity to play and see what you are capable of by experimentation.

Listen to other business owners about customer service.

A huge part of what I do is based upon customer service. I often talk to other business owners about their customer service manner and style. Maybe there is something they will say that can trigger a thought of what I might like to implement in my own venture. I even speak with those who are in different industries and fields. This could apply to other aspects of running a business.

Quick Question:
I hope this was a help to you, if you are running a small business whether it be graphic design or another. What advice has helped you when you’ve hit a slump?