Graphic design by definition – Composition

Robert LaneGraphic Design

visual communication by a skillful combination of text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, books, etc.

It seems really simple. With the availability of easy to use software and templates today just about anyone can produce some sort of “graphic design.” What separates someone who knows how to use graphic design software and someone who understands how to communicate visually? A proper knowledge of the three basics of graphic design.

Graphic design is best broken down into three basic ingredients:
Graphic design definition Composition

Composition is the manner pieces or components are combined and arranged visually to tell a story. Proper composition considers alignment, grouping, placement, space, and visual flow within a layout. This layout can be any medium. Once a proper audience and purpose have been determined then composition, components, and concept can encompass that identified purpose allowing a successful design. Here is a simple diagram to visually represent what I am trying to explain.

Graphic design definition infographic