Three characteristics of an effective tri fold brochure design

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trifold brochure design

A tri fold brochure design is a great way to promote your business. Every business needs a good logo design and an effective website, but a nice tri fold brochure is great for distributing locally. When meeting people face to face it’s great to have something to put in their hand. I’ve also used a tri fold brochure design to go on sales calls soliciting my website design business. These printed pieces are a great take away at promotional events and expos as well.

Having a promotional piece like this is great, but it needs to be designed effectively. We have all seen those brochures that are much too cluttered for their purpose. The information printed isn’t clear and the effect is lost. Here a few tips to consider when planning your tri fold brochure.


Have a clear purpose

Before you start your brochure, ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Make everything you incorporate into your tri fold brochure design support that goal. Ensure that a brochure is a good way to accomplish this ultimate outcome.

A restaurant might have a tri fold brochure designed to display their menu. But should avoid adding all of the catering details if the purpose is to display menu items.

Try not to confuse your customers by adding content just to take advantage of space or as one of my clients said, “I am getting my money’s worth!” If you don’t have a clear purpose then your tri fold brochure will not be as effective.


Make a concise point

This can’t be overstated. Too often we want to give potential customers all of our knowledge at once. This simply makes then entire message ineffective.

Decide on one trigger to drive the point you want to make If you are a tax accountant you might have a tri fold brochure to explain the benefits of using your services. But the goal is to appeal to once sense of persons interest. For instance, you might frame the benefits of your services as a reward for employing your expertise.

Effective sales copy with a concise point has one trigger to drive your point and motivate Share on X

Don’t lose focus when developing content for a brochure. Write good copy and have supporting images and graphics to drive a simple point.


Prioritize your call to action

What action do you want a customer to take? To many brochures are designed for informational purposes only. That information may be well written and compelling. However, people rarely initiate their own action. So it’s your job to show them the steps you want them to take.

Ask people to make the call you want. Give a prominent space to your call to action. Drive the purpose and point home with clear action steps for potential customers to follow.

These three characteristics of an effective tri fold brochure design support one another. They work most effectively when used together. If you need helping putting together a brochure that works, I can design one for you. I could even help you write good copy that sells. Contact me today to get started.

I have blank trifold brochure templates as a free download if you want to design your own. What brochures have you seen that have been effective?

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