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Logo Design by Robert Lane

I take a systematic approach for logo creation. Starting first with a detailed logo design brief replete with your ideas and culminating with the delivery of final files. Take a moment to review the process and what you can expect from me.

  • I listen first, then

    It’s imporatant that your logo design project follows a conversation. The passion that small business owners have is where the best logo ideas begin.

  • Throw in a few sketches

    Every logo I design first starts as a sketch. There isn’t a better way to quickly run through concepts. I then take these sketches through a refinement process.

  • And refine until it's right

    I logo needs to look right for all occations. I’ll make sure it always works. Also, I create your logo future proof and supply you with final vector artwork.

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Logo Design Process

The end results may be different, but all of my logo design work goes through a systematic process. Ready to get started?

Design Brief

I have a few questions that are a good starting point to brainstorming a great logo


Every logo design I create has a few rounds of sketches. You may see these as concepts


I normally do not show all of my design ideas, but you will see the very best

Final Logo

Refinement of colors and shapes is the final step in creating a logo that works

Basic Logo


  • Up to two design concepts
  • Refinement of one concept
  • Delivery of logo by email
  • Only $75 for additional design concepts
  • No other design work included
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I really love the logo! It has a sturdy look and all of my new clients complement my brand. In fact, I love it so much I had it tattooed on my back! That is the ultimate recommendation for Robert’s logo design services.Nathan Y. Genesis Fitness

I’m ready to start my logo design