Product Review – BoxShot 3D

Robert LaneBusiness Tips, General, Reviews

If you ever design for any publication company, music producer, or any type of product for that matter, you will decide as a graphic designer to showcase your work in some way or another. You can show flat art work which is pretty boring. Or you can painstakingly take the time to create a 3D like image using Photoshop or some other 3D rendering program. I  personally take hours creating what I think are realistic looking 3D images in Photoshop. That is until today. I just purchased BoxShot 3D!

The best part about the BoxShot 3D software is not the mind blowing features or the amount of time it will save you creating realist product shots or the amount of money you will save by not hiring professional photographers to shoot images of your products on a seamless background. The best thing in my opinion is that the software only cost $60. I have below two images. The first image on the left that I created after hours of Photoshop work while looking 3D is pretty lame, but the image on the right only took me five minutes using the BoxShot 3D software. I could pass that off as an actual product shot. I’m sold!

My lame CD caseRendering using BoxShot 3D

You can visit their website to see more product renders, order, and download. You can also see right on their website that you can make soda cans if you need them! I totally reccommed the BoxShot 3D. Like I said in the beginning, if you do any sort of product/cover design at all, you need BoxShot 3D.