Print safe colors and CMYK values

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print safe colors and cmyk values

I bring you this list of print safe colors for achieving predictable color results from the CMYK values you choose. I have worked and designed advertising for newspapers heavily now for the past several years. Newsprint is not very bright. Soy based … Read More

How to setup a tri fold brochure

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trifold brochure setup

I like a regular 8.5″x11″ tri fold brochure. It can also be mailed fairly easily. I usually design at least one brochure per week. I always start with the same templates. One Photoshop document for the front/outside and one for the back/inside. … Read More

Premium Wood Textures

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A few years ago I came in contact with an excellent graphic designer. He introduced me to textures as they relate to graphic design, and I have been hooked ever since. I almost always use textures in each and everyone of my … Read More

True Blue In Print

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I have had problems in the past with the reproduction of blues in my color palettes on various jobs for print. Often they look fine on screen, but after reproduction they posses a ‘purple-ish’ essence to them, and sometimes they are perceived … Read More

A simple printing checklist

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print safe colors and cmyk values

Behind the scenes at the printer there are many operations that must take place in order for your job to be printed correctly. But there are also quite a few pitfalls that can be avoided by putting together a simple checklist for … Read More