Mind mapping and my logo design process

Robert LaneGeneral, Logo Design

You can read about my complete logo design process, but I am producing this blog article to help current and future clients understand step two of that process.

I picked up mind mapping from a famous logo designer. Once a detailed design brief is completed then I begin scratching out words in a mind map tree. Basically brainstorming and writing at the same time. I’ll usually start with words directly from the brief and consider as many synonyms for these words as possible. I also try to take words that are immaterial and find objects that can relate and support the essence of these words in order to produce a solid base for beginning the sketching process. For example, a hairdresser approaches me about a logo design that represents beauty and confidence.

Here is what the mind map might look like:

Although this is only an example you might be able to determine that many possibilities present themselves for sketching to the logo designer willing to push the limits and not immediately eliminate ideas at this stage in the process. I often surprise myself by an idea I may not have thought another way. This mind mapping technique also allows me the opportunity to walk away for some time and the ability to continue the process at a later time because my brainstorming is written down.