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When I put a website together, I often need HTML code that has all the “bells and whistles” as a basis for styling in CSS. I need this often enough that I decided one Sunday afternoon to put this together. If you can use this code, I would love for you to have it. It really is nothing special; in fact, it is very underwhelming. I’m thinking it might save you about 10 minutes. But if you design a million sites, this little bit of code really turns into a time saver. Feel free to download the package below and use it however you think might work for you.

The download includes two files. One is a complete HTML document. The other is a simple text document that you can copy and past into pretty much anything. I’d love to hear about anyone who could put this to good use.

Free Download:
Everything Post Code

Quick Question:
What else do you find yourself needing every time you put a website together?