WordPress is a smart move for small business

Robert LaneBusiness Tips, Resources, Website Design

WordPress.com is offering small businesses WordPress hosting and a tantalizing list of other features for a nominal yearly fee. This could be a smart choice for your small business, if you are willing to put in some screen time.

I have been under the persuasion that WordPress is a good idea for small business for a few years now. With this offering directly from the WordPress team themselves, it further solidifies my opinion about WordPress and the benefits for your business. Here are my reasons for setting up your website using WordPress.



I’ve spoken with enough business owners to know that price can sometimes be the biggest reason in making business decisions. WordPress is free and open source. Meaning, if you have just a little tech know how you could get by without spending any money. I don’t recommend you go it alone, but if you have someone who can maintenance your website, it is very inexpensive to use WordPress.


Ease of use

The basics of getting a website setup using WordPress are very easy to learn. This is actually the number one reason that I switched from another content management system. You do not have to learn any special software, but you also don’t have to know any special coding languages. It can benefit you to know a few things about HTML, but not critical to using WordPress. Getting setup is the most tricky part, and WordPress boasts a 5-minute install. Which ought to tell you something about how easy life could be.


Search optimization

Getting found on the web is all the rage today. Even if you don’t have a website you’ve probably heard the acronym “SEO.” Having a site better optimized for search engines will help your business rank better and list closer to the top of search results. WordPress puts your site on a solid foundation to build legitimate rankings through Google and other search websites. I don’t recommend you try to become SEO savvy all on your own. It might help to contact a website designer who can help you learn in smaller information loads.



If you ever get stuck while you are trying to put together a WordPress website, just search the internet for the answer. [highlight2]WordPress is so widely used, that it is nearly as widely supported.[highlight2] Take a few minutes to watch WordPress 101 videos and you’ll be on your way to the knowledge for leveraging your site using WordPress.



The core functionality is great for WordPress, but sometimes you might want a bit more. No problem. There are thousands of plugins that extend WordPress functions. There are plugins for shopping carts, forums, calendars, photo galleries, and much more. If you can conceive the idea, a plugin has probably already been created.

I could say more about WordPress, but don’t just take my word. Call me today. I can get a site setup for you and you can prove these benefits and others to yourself. WordPress is the best for business because it makes a lot of sense.