What makes a good logo?

Robert LaneLogo Design

This will be the first in a series of answers to the simple question: What makes a good logo? I would like to first say that I do not consider myself to be the greatest logo designer nor do I consider myself to have all answers for this particular subject, but I have read plenty on the subject from some great logo designers. From that research I have created my top five reasons why a logo is good.

1. Keep your logo simple.

I believe the most important aspect about any great logo is it’s simplicity. I am not necessarily talking about it’s look/presentation only. The logo can be iconic, illustrative, or typographic, but if the message is not simple most observers will be confused. When it comes to the color palette it should also be simple. Too many colors or transparency effects will distract. The more simple a logo the more easily it will be recognized. It will reproduce well at smaller sizes and it will stand the test of time. Here are a few of my more favorite simple examples below. No text needed the message is clear.

Simple is good. It works in many walks of life, but especially for logo design. If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear from you. Post a comment and I will get back to you soon.