What makes a good logo? (Answer #5)

Robert LaneLogo Design

At last my final answer for what makes a good logo. It is a very easy answer. If you like your logo and believe it to be a good logo then that definitely helps make a logo good. I have tried before in logo design to steer someone’s decision when it comes to their logo design, but in the end a person only likes what they like. Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good logo. There are certainly good arguments for any logo – good or bad. I never want to be the designer that believes I am better than my clients and can tell them what they do and don’t like or what they should or shouldn’t have.

1. Keep your logo simple.
2. Make sure your logo is functional.
3. Your logo should be unique.
4. Remain consistent presenting your logo.

5. A good logo is one that you like.

This is my main reason for having my clients fill out a logo design brief. I want them to put their ideas on paper and then I simply apply my creative and artistic expertise. In the end if you are happy with your logo design, whether I like it is absolutely irrelevant. So don’t be afraid to take risks with your logo. And allow your logo to be an expression of yourself. It needs to be something you stick with for a long time to brand your business or organization. Walmart recently redesigned their logo. It has been a couple years and I have heard from both sides wether the logo is good or bad, but I guarantee you that when the final logo was presented to the decision maker they didn’t look at it and say, “I don’t like it, but let go with it anyway!” It’s your logo you decide!