What makes a good logo? (Answer #2)

Robert LaneLogo Design

I must admit something at this point about my philosophy when it comes to logo design. All of my subsequent reasons for what makes a good logo hang from my first reason for what makes a good logo and that is simplicity. In order to refine a logo that I am creating I am brought to my second reason for what makes a good logo.

1. Keep your logo simple.
2. Make sure your logo is functional.

We begin finding differences between amateurs and good logo designers. A little forethought goes a long way for logo design. Your logo needs to be applicable to every medium possible. The internet, in print, on screen, or t-shirts: these are only a few places you may find your logo. If your logo relies on transparency effects such as drop shadows or bevel and embossed edges, then the probability of an embroidery shop reproducing your logo is slim to none.

Your logo is the most important piece of marketing material you have. Every time people see your logo it should send the same message about your business. Some presentations of your logo only allow for a one color solution(vinyl signage) and others simply an outline(wrought iron.) For your next logo design don’t forget about the functionality or your logo. Here are a few example from a company with a functional logo.