Web technologies every small business needs

Robert LaneBusiness Tips

It is important to have excellent products and services, but it is also important to get the word out about your business. With all the new internet technologies today it is difficult to decide which is best or better for your small business. I challenge you to start learning as much as you can about the power or marketing your business online. Here are three places your business needs to be present on the web.

You need a company blog

A website is important, but a blog has greater flexibility. A blog helps you educate current and potential customers about your products. I recommend using the self-hosted version of WordPress for your small business. The blog you are reading now runs on WordPress, and the rest of the site looks decent as well.

Start using Twitter

Twitter is a great way to interact with other business owners and make potential connections that will benefit. You might consider using Twitter on your smart phone. Look to interact. Twitter is a community, and you will reap dividends based on your positive interaction there. Try to get a Twitter name as close to your business name as possible.

Get a Facebook page

It is no secret that Facebook has made its way into most homes and lives not only in our country but in the world. You are missing out on getting your business seen by this huge potential audience. Facebook is a great way to promote sales and discounts. It is also an excellent way to attract new customers. You might even find it a way to interact with your current clientele.

A blog, Twitter, and Facebook – as a business owner you need at least these three new web technologies. In an overwhelming technology climate these three are essentials. If any or all of this seems out of reach, contact me right away. I’d love to help you get started.

Quick Question:
As a small business owner, what other new technologies have you used and seen success?