Three sources for your small business blog

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I’ve mentioned in the past the importance of a small business blog as one part of a web properties triple threat. In fact, 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Blogging is also a good idea because it helps your search engine ranking. I firmly believe that WordPress is a smart move for small businesses wanting a website and a blog.

You may have taken the step to start a blog. You might have even written a post or two, but you are running out of ideas. Here are three sources for a steady stream of ideas for your small business blog.


Your customers

If you have customers, then you have heard a few questions. Some or many of your customers may have the same questions. If you can answer client questions online, then you may have a bottomless source of fodder for your blog posts. Be concise and helpful. Avoid being to sales pitch-y on your blog. It may come across as spamming and of little value.

Consider polling your customers and blogging your results. You might even have a customer write a testimonial and let them explain your services to your blog readers.


Your company

What about your business makes you passionate to grow it better? Look to other companies within the same field and blog about what you can learn. Make applications to your business through real world examples and stories. Any training, certifications, or awards for your business are all excellent sources for your small business blog. You could talk about new hires, equipment, and capabilities within your company as well.


Your character

Don’t be afraid of letting your customers get to know you and the people that make your business a success. Shoot a video tour of your storefront or offices if that applies. Blog about your personal growth and community involvement. Share your overflow of gratitude on your company blog. Use your blog to make a goal public and enlist your customer’s help in achieving it.

While not exhaustive, these three areas should give you a few great places to start the search for a blog topic. Make sure you are sharing links to your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. You also want to link blog posts to one another within your website. Reaching out to other expert bloggers within your industry could be a great way to gain additional links to your blog posts.

If all of this sounds like a huge task that you need a little help with, then contact me and I can help you get your small business blog started.

Quick Question:
I certainly haven’t thrown out a ton of ideas, but I do like these as sources. What are some of your ideas for a small business blog topic?