Small business websites need to be ready for mobile devices

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It is no secret. The internet is becoming more accessible every day thanks to abundant mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets in use number in the millions.

The marketplace for a small business owner is becoming more noisy daily. Once widely used advertising channels are under attack by the shift to online information access. A large part of the population have access literally at their fingertips. It’s no longer a figurative expression. Every small business needs an online presence. Here are three reasons why your company website needs accessibility for a mobile audience.

Mobile users make up a huge potential customer base

Business exposure opportunities are only becoming more abundant. Take the iPad as an example. More than 84 million iPads have sold since they first hit the market. That number is staggering and only represents a single device. Without a website fit for mobile devices you are missing many people.

Mobile users are searching for you

Statistics tell us more than 30% of people searching for a restaurant, use their mobile phone. With so many users out there searching using their smart phones, make your site ready for these searchers. You will miss out on opportunities if you are not ready. People using internet search on mobile devices grew by 4 times last year alone. Take advantage of the numbers.

Mobile users respond

The conversion rates for mobile marketing are huge. No other medium comes close. As a business owner you are probably expending some effort on marketing your business. This causes headaches sometimes, but any effort to have your website online and ready for mobile is quality time. Make that step.

Contact me today and we can talk about how to get your site online and how we can have you ready for mobile internet users.

Quick Question:
Have you ever searched for something on your smart phone and become frustrated you couldn’t find the information?