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A few years ago I came in contact with an excellent graphic designer. He introduced me to textures as they relate to graphic design, and I have been hooked ever since. I almost always use textures in each and everyone of my designs to some extent. They give my art a more natural feel. They are also great for adding detail and realism to illustrations and icons. They help to keep your art from looking flat and lifeless.

I recently purchased a set of genuine wood textures from, Envato Marketplace by TextureMambo. These textures are high enough resolution to work for print projects which is perfect for my needs. There are hundreds of textures and other design goods available. Here are five of my favorites from my recent purchase in no particular order:

Ebony Red Texture

Red Wengue Texture

Southern Pine Texture

Walnut Dark Texture

Zebrano Texture

I appreciate the importance of quality assets for my designs and Graphic River has plenty. They are a help in speeding up production time and help give my work a more professional look and feel. Let me know how you use textures in your designs below in the comments.

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  1. Ever since working with you on projects, I find myself using textures more. Been noticing you post a few of your own to GraphicRiver. Hope they sell like hotcakes!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I have been selling a few, but it is increasing a little each month. I highly recommend using the Envato Marketplaces as a means for residual income.

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