Five reasons to have a small business website

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Every small business should have their own website. It’s important! I have a conversation about websites and small businesses almost daily. Each time I talk with owners and operators they usually have a little push back for why they don’t have a site. These website excuses are easily answered with a few reasons to get your business online.



There is a conversation taking place online. More and more conversations are happening online each day. You need to control the talk surrounding your business. If you are getting bad reviews online, you might want to answer, refute, or embrace them.

You might say, “No one is talking about my business online!” To that I say, “Perfect!” You have the opportunity to start the buzz surrounding your company. Get people talking online and linking to your website.



Most people are searching for information online. One of the top most visited sites online is Believe it or not there are folks looking for the products and services you offer. Your regular customers check your website for information about hours of operation, product offerings, and location information. If they can’t find what they are searching for then they move on.

A blog is a great way to share service capabilities and opportunities for customers. Share information on social media websites and link back to your website for more details.



A website call to action is important. Even if that means you want to collect the email addresses of your customers for an e-newsletter. The best place to do so is right on your own website. Connecting and making contact with your customers happens easier online. There is usually no obligation on their part, but it allows them to contact you easily. You want that online contact with your potential clients.



I hate looking silly. There is nothing more silly to me than a legitimate business without a website. Having a functioning website causes people to believe in the integrity of your business. When you can be found online it’s a great reinforcement to what people might experience offline. A business website is really an expectation for most businesses.



Customers lead to cash. If you have a good product or you are offering an excellent service, then you need a website. A website can generate leads for your business without a large amount of effort. Get your site setup, have a place where website visitors can contact you and you’ll generate leads. Sometime this will happen in your sleep or while you’re on vacation. A website is a great place to answer people’s questions and get the feedback on improving your business.

Quick Question:
To me your don’t need any more important reason than credibility. What would you say is the most important reason for having a website?