Baptism slide free Photoshop download

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I recently worked with a church on a special weekend; they are planning to have a Baptismal service. It is common for smaller churches, without baptistry facilities, to set aside a special Sunday. Also, some congregations have baptismal services periodically as opposed to every week. The church that I currently attend baptizes new believers as they become ready to take that step.

I designed this screen for promoting the big day along with some bulletins to mark the occasion. I thought others could benefit from the work, so I am making the baptism slide Photoshop document available for download. If you just need a jpeg, you can use the image at the top of this post. The Photoshop document dimensions are 1,680 pixels wide by 1,050 pixels tall. I’d love to see how you utilized this design for yourself.

Download the Files:
Baptism Slide PSD

Quick Question:
How does your church operate their baptism services? I am always interested to know how different churches like to operate.