Graphic Design by definition is the process by which information is communicated visually using the skillful combination of text and images for many mediums.

If you have something that you would like to communicate then it’s important that you ask and answer these questions:

  • Who is my intended audience?
  • What do I want to say or accomplish?
  • How do I want to present my message?

Design Fees:


  • Design work for print.
  • Two hour minimum.
  • Rounded to the next half hour.
  • Delivery of PDF files by email.
  • Each project billed separately.

Please take a moment and review the steps for a successful print design project below. As always, let me know if you have any questions.



It’s important to know as much about the final product as possible at the beginning of your project. I’ll help you design on final dimensions, substrates, and colors, but ultimately all of these decisions are yours. Take a look at samples, compare different products, and ask plenty of questions. Knowing what you want is just as important and achieving a finished design.



I normally do a quick sketch to save time in the layout stage of my print design process. This also gives me a good idea of what assets I’ll need to complete your print design project. I’ve even had customers send me hand drawn samples of what they wanted. This is up to you and totally optional. This step takes just a few minutes most of the time.



I carefully consider each element that I plan to put into your print design. Filtering everything by this question: Will this help or hinder the final message? Collecting the right assets could take some time and any input of what images, colors, textures, and techniques you would like incorporated are welcome and appreciated.



At this point I have everything I need to put your project together. I simply begin assembling the assets that I’ve collected. This the time you will be charge my hourly rate. Actual time on the computer doing layout can vary for each project. I try to give an accurate estimate of the hours you will be charged at the outset of each project. If I am about to exceed this amount of time I will always communicate that with you first in order to avoid hidden charges and price increases.



Once I’ve finished designing I will send you and pdf of the layout via email. Take your time to review the spelling a pertinent information that will be printed or otherwise published. It is at this point that costly mistakes can be avoided just by checking and double checking. An extra set of eyes never hurt any project. I would however try to avoid approval by committee if at all possible.



Normally I make simple text and layout changes at this point. If I’ve completely missed the mark and need to start all over then we will probably define a new direction and start there. This means additional print design fees and production delays. It’s important that you define your project carefully from the very begin to avoid these possible set backs.



Once I coordinate with a printer or production office there can’t be any additional changes made, but that is when the real fun begins. We get to see our hard work take on life. If there is shipping involved I will send tracking numbers by email and communicate any milestones in the production process. Deadlines need to be discussed specifically in the define portion of my print design process in order to ensure timely delivery of the finished materials.